convergence 40x60 inches watercolor by Laurie Weller
North/South Convergence
CDs are now available. Be the first on your block to have one! Available exclusively through this web site until some visionary record label picks it up for distribution, own North/South Convergence by simply sending a check or money order for $20 (USD) or $21.55 (USD) if shipping address is inside Texas. (That's $16.50 plus $3.50 shipping and handling, plus tax in Texas) to Circo CD, 1502 Seminole Ave., Denton, TX 76209.
CD will ship US Priority Mail within two days of receiving request. Painting is Convergence (40" x 60" watercolor) by Laurie Weller. It's on the cover of our CD.
Check back, because we're working on this site. Much more wonderful Circo news and information to come.
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